Diamond Money in the Clutch Video

Here’s Diamond in the club with her crew.

Diamond has a Herve Leger dress on, looks confident. The crowd looks excited, and they’re throwing money around.

I like how they use club footage like this and put clean tracks over the video, but still cut in to show the raw audios. It’s a good idea and looks pretty professional. I hope she keeps putting these out!

Diamond Shows off her Look!

Diamond Rapper shows off her plump lips and rockin’ body in these pictures. She is lookin’ GOOD. That’s a funky top, and notice her hair flung back for all to see those diamond earrings! Haha.

These definitely look like Versaces. I’m pretty sure they’re not from the Spring Summer 2011 collection, I was lookin’ through it recently…

What do you think about her look?

Diamond Tattoo

Our girl gettin’ a tattoo, lookin’ hot. Check it out:

Diamond Rapper Getting Tattoo

Diamond Tatting Up!

Diamond Freestyle Video


Check out Diamond in this Freestyle Video:

Diamond Rapper Biography

Diamond, whose real name is Brittany Nicole Carpenter, was born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 20, 1988. She was a former member of the group Crime Mob, a hip/hop crunk group that released two albums (Crime Mob & Hated on Mostly) during its existence. They released their 2004 single “Knuck if you Buck,” which went Platinum according to the RIAA.

During her solo career, which began in 2008 and extends to the present, she has released several mixtapes, including “Bitch Music Vol. 1,” “Bitch Music Vol. 2,” and “P.M.S. (Pardon my Swag).”

In 2010, Diamond made an appearance on the “My Chick Bad” remix, a Ludacris track, with Eve and Trina.

Diamond the Rapper

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